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Since 1922, Laurel Grocery has been a family-owned wholesaler serving the needs of family-owned retailers.  

In addition to being a full-service wholesale supplier of groceries, meat, produce, supplies, and general merchandise, Laurel Grocery offers many services to our retailers.  A sampling of these are listed below.


& Marketing

Laurel Grocery offers weekly print advertising to its customers.  

Our ad circulars are four pages, including full-color flex areas and store signatures.  We also produce ad signs, special signage on an

as-needed basis, window signs, and bagstuffers.


Laurel Grocery also offers webpages and e-marketing to its customers through the LGC Connect web marketing program.



Laurel Grocery Customer Service is here to meet all of its customers needs and to resolve any issues that they may have.  We offer small and compact Cipher Lab ordering machines, shelf signs and shelf tags, grocery catalogs, and more!


LGC Customer Service is easy to reach via phone, fax, or email and is available until noon every Saturday!


& Marketing

Retail Sales & Development Services

Laurel has a skilled sales team with years of experience working closely with Independent Retailers to address a variety of sales, marketing, and operational issues.  


The Development Team's goal is to assist Independent Retailers in achieving operational excellence and providing merchandising assistance with the goal of driving store sales.

Private Label Services

Laurel markets Shurfine/Shurfresh and IGA Private Labels.  Laurel pledges to carry out the brand promise-"Committed to Quality, and Dedicated to Excellence."


Laurel has dedicated itself to bringing customers the best quality product at the best value, everyday.

Laurel Meat


Laurel Meat Department has set Independent Retailers apart from their competition.  This will not change as the meat industry moves rapidly from a commodity based to a brand based environment.


Laurel Meat Department is staying on top of changing trends to keep customers ahead of the competition.



Laurel Grocery Company produce customers are serviced by Caito Foods, a full service produce distributor with locations in both Indianapolis, IN and Newcomerstown, OH.  


The Laurel/Caito Foods produce program is based on a commitment to a level of quality and freshness not usually found in a traditional supermarket.



Laurel Grocery provides their independent retailers with accurate and timely financial statements to make informed decisions in order to grow and be profitable.  LGC has nine total accountants and associates on staff to serve all of your retail accounting needs.


We also offer payroll processing, annual W-2's, accounts payable services, and coupon redemption.

Planning & Engineering Services

Laurel is willing to help develop a vision and work a buildling addition or new ground-up store to completion.  We will help build the retailer's dreams from preliminary store layouts through development to grand opening and support store operations into the future.  


Laurel is highly motivated to help grow sales and save energy costs and have staff on-hand who can guide a retailer through the process.

Center Store Services

Our goal:  Build programs that drive sales and drive profitability for our customers.  The Merchandising Team is measured by growth in marketing dollars being passed to Retailers as well as maintaining and above industry average service level of 96%.


We offer several great programs such as our PA$$ TPR program, Frito Lay DSD Program, Blackhawk gift card program, and more!

Transportation Services

Laurel offers full service transportation to our Independent Retailers. Laurel operates a fleet of over 40 trucks and 78 trailers with 45 drivers.  We charge a fuel surcharge that is based on fuel cost, miles from our distribution center, and cube of order.


Unloading is a team effort between the Laurel drivers and the Retailer's personnel.


Deli/Bakery Program

The Laurel Deli Department features many programs and products to service the different types of Deli & Bakery operations that exist today.  


Laurel continually adds new items and develops new programs to help Independent Retailers serve their customers better.

GM, HBC & Specialty Foods Program

Laurel Grocery has partnered with Imperial Distributors for our GM, HBC, and seasonal product needs to provide Laurel retailers with the best selection and programs to drive sales.  Imperial has specialized in non-foods for over 70 years and supplies over 1,900 Retailers.


Our specialty foods provider, Leo A. Dick & Sons, offers a selection of over 8,500 items and offers monthly TPR programs.



Why Choose Us?


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